Vathorst in general

Vathorst in general

Vathorst is the latest city-district of Amersfoort, It will be developed between 2002 and 2023. The area is situated in the north-east part of the city of Amersfoort, between motorways A1 and A28, in the centre of the Netherlands. The objective is to build some 10.000 houses with all the necessary amenities, including shopping, sporting and cultural facilities, public transport, healthcare centres, primary and secondary schools. These amenities are kept in step with the building process and as such offer inhabitants of Vathorst direct use of them. At long last some 30.000 people will be living here.

The total size of Vathorst is 560 ha, of which 228 ha is specific designated for housing. The housing programme consists of some 10.000 houses of which 30% has to be affordable for low-income households. Offices (120.000 m²) and a business park (3 ha) are also part of the plan. The development itself stems directly from the Fourth Memorandum of Spatial Planning, a national housing programme dating back from 1993 (so-called VINEX).

Offices and companies

Vathorst is conveniently located. Vathorst Company Estate (30 ha ) lies alongside the A1 motorway. The Podium office park with 120 m2 of office space alongside the A28 motorway, is being   redeveloped into an area with two already existing offices and new housing projects. In the near future The Collection Centre Netherlands (approx. 3 ha?? 30.000m2) under surveillance of The Rijksmuseum, will be built here. This super depot was designed by Cepezed Architects.


Until the end of the nineteenth century Hooglanderveen consisted of scattered, often small farms and some labourer dwellings. In 1863 the railway Amersfoort- Zwolle was built, with a stop and railway house added to Hooglanderveen in 1898. From that time on, //ook veel in de 50’s// a residential core with facilities, shops and trading companies originated. January 1st, 1974, Hooglanderveen, already part of Hoogland, was annexed by Amersfoort. The extension of the city with the new neighbourhoods Zielhorst, Kattenbroek, Nieuwland and most recently Vathorst has caught up with the village. The interest group Hooglanderveen has therefore advocated for protection of the identity of the village at the municipality and Development Company Vathorst.
It was rewarded with an area of greenery alongside the village.

Symbol of Vathorst

The barn swallow has been the logo of Vathorst for years. Each year this bird returns to its familiar  environment to build a nest and mate. It uses different materials, found in its direct surroundings. The barn swallow therefore symbolizes Vathorst: a district that regards nature important and has developed into a diverse and warm ‘nest’ for its inhabitants.

Visit the I-Centre Vathorst

Convince yourself and see the beauty of Vathorst with your own eyes ! The information Centre Vathorst, also known as i-Centre Vathorst, is the place where you are more than welcome with questions about Vathorst. The I-Centre aims to inform everyone about anything to do with Vathorst such as housing projects, free allotments, amenities, traffic, arts, culture and future developments. Eye-catcher is the huge scale model of Vathorst, which shows you at once  what Vathorst is about and where all the developments are taking place.

The i-Centre  is also a perfect starting point for exploring Vathorst. Guided tours can be booked here. The i-Centre can also be hired for (development-related) gatherings, meetings, lectures, exhibitions, etc.

Address, contact and opening hours:

i-Centrum Vathorst, Veenslagen 2, 3825 RV Amersfoort
tel: +31 33 45 11 01 12 /  +31 06 51 2921 76

  • Wednesday – Friday 1300 – 1700 hrs.
  • Saturday 1100 – 1500 hrs.
  • Sunday 1200 – 1600 hrs.

Groups by appointment only.